Healthy but angry Wytch! My response to the Corona Virus outbreak:

Devon is currently still a low risk area with only 23 cases of the corona virus at the last count on the 16th March. I am in good health and am following good practice guidelines such as frequent hand washing and cleaning of surfaces. I shall be cleaning all candles sent via post or courier with antiseptic wipes from here on, and nothing cleans so well as an actual flame!

When the government decides to further restrict movement, I can cast and fulfil orders from home. I am currently working on a new series of egg shaped and sized, political, 3 hour burn candles at home already.

I'm aware the nation will be twiddling its thumbs, and given 10 years of austerity, huge cutbacks to the NHS, and a culture of hostility towards workers from overseas, this government, and previous Tory governments, have created a perfect health storm for our nation at a time like this. With your orders and your magical activism, between us we can make them pay. Turn your rage into action and stick it to them.... future orders will come with the, ah, 'equipment' to do just that!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Bright fiery blessing, Ms Wytch x

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