5 Candle-poppet prototypes waiting to be fired

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

2 are in the kiln and the rest will be fired early next week. I should be making my first candles this weekend, if the mould making goes well! All will be multicoloured as the prototypes here are, but the detail in the candles will be picked out in black, making the lettering easier to read.

Do you know someone sanctioned by the regime of Ian Duncan Smith? Or someone furious that our new PM only has eyes for Brexit, & Climate Change doesn't matter? Or are you terrified by the war mongering of Trump? Or fear the break up of the UK thanks to the wrecking ball that is Brexit? Or is everyone you know simply pissed off to the back teeth with the 1% increase in Tory votes leading to a 'landslide' victory for the Tories, and knowing the closeness of Johnson to Trump, fear we are all screwed? If you said "YES" to any of the above, help is at hand!

Regardless of whether you think it'll work, melting, (by whatever means), the Tory you most despise is cathartic and most good for the health! If enough people focus their ire on the cause of their misery, especially at the same time, amazing results can happen; I've seen it done! Or if you just want to celebrate some working class folk art, and collect the set for display on a shelf, please feel free! They will prompt conversation and help you sort the closet Tories from your acquaintances, and that is never a bad thing. Whichever way you chose to use them, they will be most useful in any home!

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