Boris Johnson riding the wrecking ball that is Brexit into the UK & breaking it up. Wearing nothing but a tattered Union Jack

Brexshit Boris Soya Candle

'Brexshit Boris' is £25 plus £3 p+p. Boris Johnson is riding the wrecking ball of Brexshit, wearing nothing but a tattered Union Jack, and he is smashing the United Kingdom into its component countries. Wales is now off the end of Cornwall, Scotland is heading off into the North Sea heading for mainland Europe, and Northern Ireland is heading south. The legend reads: "A Tory Brexit; guaranteed to fracture a nation & wreck the economy."
Due to the shape of this candle, it will burn with a hot, large flame at first, before it gets wider and settles down. Trimming the wick often will help reduce the size of the flame. It should also be placed on a large heatproof dish that can catch all the running wax. Its dribble factor is an epic 10!


    The biggest candle in the collection so far! 17cm high and a lot of wax. This, just like Brexit, will take a long time to burn!


    Any problems of a physical nature, let me know, and I'll sort it out.


    £3 p+p for shipping within the UK mainland.  If you want yours sending elcewhere, let me know and I'll work out a price for you.

  • Burn Time

    22+ hours

  • Dribble Factor: 1-10

    10 Epic dribbling!


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