'The Wrong Obsession' Boris Johnson ignoring climate change

'The Wrong Obsession' Boris Johnson ignoring climate change

"The Wrong Obsession" candle is £20 plus £3 p+p  Boris Johnson is looking down at the bomb that is Brexit, muttering "Get Brexit Done" and "Oven ready" whilst the juggernaught of Climate Change is bearing down on him horn blaring, spewing smoke and flames, lights blazing. But Johnson seems oblivious. The legend reads "The wrong obsession". He only has eyes for Brexit!


    Made of soya wax and hand decorated with hot coloured wax, no two will be exactly the same. Given the large overhang, this candle will leak lots of wax when it is lit and so should be placed in a large heat proof saucer to catch the wax.

    The candle measures 23cm H x 11cm L x 8cm W


    If you have a problem, let me know and I'll sort it out.


    P+P within the UK is £3. Let me know if you need a quote for P+P further afield.

  • Burn Time

    Not yet known.

  • Dribble Factor: 1-10

    Not yet known, but likely to be Epic!


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