Half a Dozen Bad Egg Candles

Half a Dozen Bad Egg Candles

An egg box of half a dozen bad egg politicians. Currently these are only of Iain Duncan Smith, but 7 more egg shaped candle designs are in production! After Easter you will be able to select from these particular horrors:

  1. Buffoon Boris
  2. Dave the Moron,
  3. Teresa Mrs Grey
  4. Dominating Cummings
  5. Gormless Gove
  6. Jacob Rees Smug

7. The Wollaston Woman
However, if there is someone you desperately want to hex, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

All my candle designs now come with a free, lovely 5cm long Diamande pin!

The selling price includes £4 p+p when buying by mail order. 
Each candle takes just over 3 hours to burn, just the right amount of time for one evening!

  • Dribble Factor: 1-10

    1 Pathetic

  • Burn Time

    3+ hours, or one evening well spent!

  • Shipping Information

    P+p within mainland UK is £4, using recycled materials. Let me know if you'd like postage costs for further afield.


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