The Crimes of Iain Duncan Smith Candle.

The Crimes of Iain Duncan Smith Candle.

Costs £20 with £3 p+p, 14cm/5.6" high, 9cm / 3.6" wide. The Crimes of Iain Duncan Smith soya wax candle-poppet. People who have suffered at his hands get a little something extra from me, so let me know! Each is hand cast & hand decorated in hox coloured wax, so no two are entirely the same. IDS is kneeling on the bodies of his victims awaiting his undeserved knighthood. These are just some of the 130,000+ people who have died in the UK as a result of his policies such as ATOS, the Bedroom Tax & Universal Credit. The ghosts of his victims are whispering their stories; all of these are direct quotes of real lives lost. 

Due to the shape of this candle this burns with a hot, large flame at first, before it gets wider and settles down. Trimming the wick often will help reduce the size of the flame. It should also be placed on a wide heatproof dish that can catch any running wax.


    This is a response to the knighting of IDS, a man who should be in the Hague for his crimes to the British people in my opinion.
    The candle-poppet is 13cm high and 9cm at its widest. 


    Let me know if there is a problem and I'll sort it out.


    £3 p+p for mainland UK. If you need yours shipping further away let me know and I'll find out the cost for you.

  • Burn Time

    8+ hours

  • Dribble Factor: 1-10

    3 for the first half, 1 there after.


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