Nuclear Trump Candle-Poppet

Nuclear Trump Candle-Poppet

'Nuclear Trump' is £15 with £3 p+p. The man-baby Trump, wearing a stars and strips nappy with dollar bills from Big Oil spilling out of the back, with his fingers itching to press that shiny big red button. The legend reads "I wouldn't trust this man-baby with a hot cup of tea". Around the button is written "Armageddon".


    This smaller candle measures 8cm x 10cm, & given its shape, leaks wax like billy-o for the first half of the burn. Consequently, it needs to be placed in a wide heat proof dish, to hold onto the wax.


    If there's a problem let me know and I'll sort it out for you.


    P+p within the UK is £3 using recycled materials. Let me know if you want a quote for shipping further afield.

  • Burn Time

    5+ Hours

  • Dribble Factor: 1-10

    Middling 5, needs a large saucer, particularly when his face falls off!


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